Blood, Soil and Jesus Christ

written by
M.J.W. Roebuck

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding. - Proverbs 9:10

God is a Nationalist by M W R Roebuck

About the book

The early 21st-century is a world of confusion, conflict and endless establishment lies. A corrupt globalist ruling class, hell bent on eliminating sovereign nations, have total control over the mainstream media, the money supply and the political class.

The last thing they want is for Western kind to regain ethnic consciousness and for the world to understand and believe the Holy Scriptures. Therefore, demonisation of nationalists and dissidents as evil is the norm, while Christians are pacified through soft preaching and deceived by well-funded false prophets.

This book explores nationalism in word of God; it will give you a solid understanding of true nationalism from a Biblical perspective, among other important doctrines. You will learn who is behind the most evil plan in the history of humanity and how the scripture can guide you to ultimate truth. You will see how the Bible clearly explains that God created separate independent nations, and that he wants us living in them. Most importantly, you will learn why the world is so corrupt, and how every one of us has the power to fix it through faith.

Matt Rose - Author, God is a Nationalist

About the Author

M. J. W. Roebuck (“Matty Rose”) is an Australian Christian content creator, and political-religious commentator, dedicated to Biblical study, following the Lord Jesus Christ and serving his nation.

He has written extensively for news and commentary website and produced hundreds of independent videos and podcasts.

His goal is to teach men and women the truth and value of God’s word, wake Western kind up from their deracinated and subverted slumber, and to revive the spirit that allowed them to conquer the world.

“Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” – 2 Corinthians 3: 17

What people are saying...
David Hiscox
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This is an extremely important book as it establishes that Christianity is a religion of nationalism and a religion for the White man. Many Christians have given themselves and Christianity a bad name by making it all about letting our enemies do whatever they want to us. Yet if you look at the Old Testament, the Life of Jesus and the history of Christian Europe you see that standing steadfastly for the truth and being prepared to back this up with force is central to Christianity. It is important that Christians read this book because if they adjust their worldview to be more in tune with this thoroughly Biblical nationalism, the Christian church in general will align better with Biblical teaching. In turn nationalists will be less inclined to dismiss Christianity as a tool of the jews. This is the other vital purpose of this book. Christians must get past their un-Biblical worship of the jews, and must undo the many ways jews have deliberately subverted Christianity. This again is how Christians can come to see Christianity and Nationalism as one and the same. Finally, love the title of the last chapter. Great work Matty.
Timothy Hugh West
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This book can change the world! Amazingly well crafted. Mathew's study of the bible and its poignant versus not only bolster the Aryans fight against the satanic jews plans for world domination but also educate the reader further on bible prophecy and the power of an ethno state.This book will strengthen your views on Christianity, your identity and the world you wish your children to grow up in. A brave book. A must read.
Ryan Fletcher
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Matthew Roebuck’s “God Is A Nationalist” is a book of such pivotal importance that it has the potential to threaten the power of the conglomerated kleptocratic kritarchy that deals in deceit, doubt, ignorance and destruction. Matthew’s conceptual understanding of the bible enables him to accurately diagnose both the erroneous externalities that are destroying Western civilisation as well as the root problems that cause the underlying political, economic, social and spiritual decadence at the heart of the issue. God Is A Nationalist outlines a holistic path away from the kosher certified abyss and brings the reader to a state of knowledge in which to achieve true salvation.
Belinder Miner
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Wow what an eye opener of a book! A lot of disappointing and sad truths, especially how the world has changed so much ‘ and unfortunately not for the better’. However there are many things I don’t agree on but on saying that a very intriguing and interesting book to read.
Stephen Wells
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One of the most dangerous books to the Globalist Elite since the Bible itself. Buy your copy before they ban it and burn it, because once they discover it and know that people are reading it, they will Kvetch to the point of persecution and murder. God is a Nationalist is a book for anyone and everyone who has taken the red pill and started down the rabbit hole. Here is the final destination and what lies at the bottom of it. Like all important truths, it is hard to swallow. M.J.W. Roebuck pulls no punches and makes no apologies. Most people today who call themselves Christians will need to have a good look in the mirror and most people who are Nationalists will have to face the fact that their ideologies are lacking a foundation stone. The goal of the book is to bring people back to God and to get them to read the Bible and accept it as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. To this end it lays out the current state of Western Civilisation and charts its decline. Passages from the Bible are referenced to show that what we are experiencing is nothing new. That the Bible tells of many past peoples and civilisations that followed the same rise and fall and that all of them owed their success and failures to a single common denominator. Follow the Commandments of God and prosper. Defy them and be destroyed. One of the Commandments of God that Western Civilisation has most abused is that of living in homogenous Nations. Nations, Roebuck demonstrates, are nothing more than extensions of immediate family, bound by blood and common heritage. Each of Jacob’s sons founded a Nation simply by having offspring that multiplied and all the people within each Nation could only claim heritage because they were blood descendants of these men. The land of milk and honey they were eventually given is simply a home, but not the Nation itself. With many passages of the Bible from both Old and New Testaments Roebuck demonstrates that this isn’t just a quirk of History, but the natural order of things and also God’s will. Globalists are serving Satan is the other message of this book. Roebuck doesn’t shy away from naming the Jews, or the Freemasons who are copying the Jews, as the authors of Globalism and proudly references Biblical text to condemn them and their plans. Plans which he quotes their own writings and teachings to prove the existence of. This book is extremely well researched, both the Biblical and non Biblical writings that are quoted fit seamlessly within a well constructed argument. People belong in Nations. Nations are ethically homogeneous groups. Only by returning to belief in God and accepting the Bible as truth once more can we ever hope to achieve this. This is the message of God is a Nationalist. It is powerful. It is persuasive. It will scare the Hell out of the Elite. Or seal their fate within it. For that reason you should buy your copy sooner rather than later. Before it is destroyed."